Terms and Conditions

The present Terms and Conditions regulate the use of neuronicsmedical.ai (hereinafter “The Website” or “The Internet page”). In case you do not agree with any part of them, you shall immediately seize using the Website.

1. What is https://neuronicsmedical.ai/?

1.1. https://neuronicsmedical.ai/ is the Internet page by which You can get acquainted with our smart solutions for acute stroke detection and reaction, as well as our smartphone application that streamlines acute stroke care, or submit requests or other messages.

1.2. https://neuronicsmedical.ai/ is administered and maintained by “Fast AI” Ltd., UIC 205967214, having its seat and registered address in the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia City, 3 Positano Str., 1st floor, ap. 4 (hereinafter the “Company”, “We”, “Us”).

2. Subject of these Terms.

2.1. The Terms and Conditions regulate the relations between You and Us, arising from the use of the Website.

2.2. These Terms are not intended to regulate your use of our applications which is subject to their own terms of use and policies and/or conclusion of individual agreements.

2.3. By using the Website, You fully agree with the present Terms and Conditions and declare that you have read them and gotten acquainted to them.

2.4. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held to be invalid by a decision of a court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions will remain in force.

3. Intellectual Property.

3.1. All rights to intellectual property, including, but no limited to trademarks, are owned by the Company.

3.2. The rights of intellectual property, including, but not limited to trademarks, not owned by the Company, are owned by third parties, explicitly indicated.

3.3. You may use all the resources, offered by the Website, as long as you are not infringing upon the Company’s or third parties’ rights of intellectual property.

3.4. For any unauthorized use under the preceding clause, You shall indemnify the Company and/or the relevant person whose rights have been infringed.

4. Using our contact form.

4.1. The contact form is available in the “Contacts” section.

4.2. In order to contact us, you should fill in information, as follows:

‘’Email address’’;
“Organisation” (optional);
“Position” (optional);
‘Topic” (optional);

4.3. After receiving your message, a representative from our team will contact you.

5. Right to change the present conditions.

5.1. We reserve the right to change the present Terms and Conditions in any time, as we promptly publish such changes on the Website, together with a notice of the relevant amendments.

5.2. We reserve our right to terminate all the activities, related to https://neuronicsmedical.ai/, at any time.

The present Terms and Conditions are in force from 12.07.2023.